Saturday, June 30, 2007

LOL.. hey punks... New announcement.. Very important..
Todae rise of gst... KK... done...
ok jkjk.. adds a bit of colour to our lives...^^... Anywae... it has been decided... if by todae 11.59pm (yeah, i know its specified), there is less than 10 ppl... the trip will be postponed to next sat... that will give the ppl ample time to cancel any arrangement or sth.. DONE...

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[Escape Theme Park]
urm, hu wans to go to escape lerh?
email to your reply lar.
for further infomation:
Ms Jo WILL be invited...if she dun come, den i guess its not my prob, go ask ppl like yx (AH GONG)
the price is quite steep, i guess...for adults...its not like we have class funds or a sponsor rite?
Adult: $16.50
Child: $8.30

dun blame me for the digusting price lar...blame ur parents for ur b.dae...if no money den i guess some kind soul can sponsor u...I GUESS lar...just dun come to mie, i'm 12, i can pass as a kid even when i'm 15.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007


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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

urm, since no1 wan to respon hor, might as well sum1 do sth rite? yea so i so kind as to do it...LoL...
anyways, i only pick a few dates to go back..actually not a few the entire week.
as mentioned, youth day larh which is a monday.
who can make it on monday/tuesday/wedneday/thursday/friday.

i wud prefer friday lar...but den again, i'm free almost everyday of the week.
i think is either jiang hao or jovian contact ms jo and make "appointment" rite...?
i think lidat easier to respond lar...=.=, just state whether u are intersted and which days u are free..den maybe we take the day which the most ppl can CONFIRM going...i can bet a whole lot of u will say "maybe" or "not confirmed" de lar...
and oso, I DUN CARE IF U CAN'T MAKE IT ON THE CHOSEN DATE...try again next time ^^...
LoL...its the real world ppl...wake up...LmAo

ok change of plans... tell xin en det u're going...she claims that she can JUMP to ms jo's current sku...waaah...i bet she pass her standing broadjump wif jumping color horh..LoL...ok lame joke..=.=

6:10 AM Ghmps-6A"06-ian
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Seen very little opinions abt the ms jo thingy...
LOL... from the way of speech, you could all know who am i larh...
kk... Go tag at the tagboard the date you want for the ms jo meeting... then discuss what to do....
Then some kind soul gooooooo call her...
I am suggesting Youth dae which is on next mondae...
As for the events...
Aiya... you ppl go discuss yourself larh...

Oh ya... i shall upload the enge reactions video when she saw the pic... but quite nth de...

5:23 AM Ghmps-6A"06-ian
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Urm, go ahead and edit wadeva u wan lar...just dun ruin it...=.=...
pw: ghmps de "gm" part spelt in space...(*******)...understand hor...LoL

same thing for the email and i think the email is mainly used for class announcements...for meetings and such.

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urm...stupid email acc..for class notices...

4:49 AM Ghmps-6A"06-ian
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hu wan class meeting wif ms jo?
pls state when u are free lor...and spread de word.
den someone go call ms jo to confirm...
*diao this is so mah fan...y did ms jo have to leave lar...=.=*
the class gathering oso must think liao...when is the next public hol. or sth which the sku will celebrate...ZzZ...

4:48 AM Ghmps-6A"06-ian
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our first post shall be dedicated to LW ad Enge...

aherm...reasons y dey 2 are perfect together:

    1. enge is a self-proclaimed LES...and lw is a self-proclaimed GAY.

    2. Both are vry short and "cute"...DIAO

    3. Both are mad lar..and its common sense lor

*true evidence: Enge is constantly mad abt him...and when we told him det, he was somewhat "happie"*

Enge lie on de bed will dream abt lw de...and somehow i hate him....=.=...

Done by 06-6A"-ian

4:48 AM Ghmps-6A"06-ian
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The Class- "

The 37 Brains~

zul "Zacaria" By: A Specific Teacher Of Gmps
Wenzong --> Queensway Sec Sch "Wendy" By: Ck or someone else...
ZhunXiong ---> You think i care?
YaoWei ---> New Town Sec Sch "SB" Which stands for something... Given by YX and Ben...
LeongWai ---> New Town Sec Sch "Siew Mai" Also given by a specific teacher of gmps...
ShaoHeng ---> Bukit Merah Sec Sch "Botak Duck" Given by YX and ben also..
YangXi ---> Hwa Chong Institution "Yang Meh Meh" Given by Yao Wei i think...
ZhiHao ---> Dunman High "Mr Pink" Given by himself...
Irham --->Dunno
Marcus ---> Some gay sch larh.. "GAY".. KK, i know its insulting..
WaiTai ---> Clementi Town Sec Sch "XiaoBaiZhu" Given by ck or someone around him...
QiQing ---> Kent Ridge Sec Sch "Orh Nang" Given by CK granny... ask me if you want know the meaning...^^
Choon Kiat ---> Gan Eng Seng school EnYuan ---> Dunno "Tang Yuan" Forgot who gave it> LinQing ---> Dunno
Benhardi ---> Bukit Panjang Govt High "Ben the gay(man)" Given by yw i think...
JiangHao ---> Dunno "Ahhhhhh Hao" Given by the man who was hanged for murder...
Joseph ---> Henderson Sec Sch "Thosai" Given by the indian delicacy...
Rafael ---> Queenstown Sec Sch "Monkey" Just becoz he looks like one...
Helmi --->Henderson Sec Sch "Ah Mi" Thosai gave de...

gals Inshirah ---> Queenstown Sec Sch "Inshirahrio" Thosai gave also...
Enge ---> St Marggies Sec Sch
XinEn ---> Queensway Sec Sch "Ah xin?" Given by wenzong last time...
Hannah ---> Sth hill Sec Sch "Hammer-head" Forgot who gave it liaoz...
Alicia ---> Queenstown Sec Sch
WanTeng ---> Dunno "Wanton" Given by YX and got scolded by ms jo...
SzeHwee ---> Nan Hua High
HuiYing ---> Henderson Sec Sch "Chin" Given by LeongWai..
Yusamirah ---> Dunno "Yusamama" Forgot who gave liaoz..
JingNing ---> River Valley High "Lao Cao" Given by enyuan..
Rita ---> New Town Sec Sch "Ah Taa?" Given by xinen...
Cynthia ---> Kent Ridge Sec Sch "Wz wife" Forgot who gave de...
Jovian ---> Dunman High
Gretel ---> Clementi Town Sec Sch
Karen ---> Cresent Girls "Karan Kumar" Given from the guy who was pri 6 in 2005..
Sara ---> Dunno "Chickaloo" Given from the video Mdm Neo showed us...

Ms Jo

Da Maplers @ 6A

Yang Xi = DxRaWkZ (Cass)

Leong Wai = xxniceguy (Cass)

Choon Kiat = XxKaKa5hixX (cass)

Yaowei = dynasty5 (aquila)

Wenzong = enperuto (cass)

Jing Ning = wuha415 (bootes)

Rita = Darththrower (bootes)

HuiYing = Ireness (bootes)

XinEn = CuteAngel09 (bootes)

Likes- "


Spamm- "

Outlooks- "

Choon Kiat "CK"

Wen Zong "Wendy"

Hannah "hammer-head"

Xin En "Ah Xin"

Karen "Kumar?"

Rita "Ah Taa"

Huiying "head pref."

Yusamirah "Yusa"

Inshirah "Inn"


Cynthia "wz's sweet and loving wife"

Media Section- "

music playing//

Graduation - Vitamin C

The Happy Past- "

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